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1 on 1 Coaching

Ultimate Sleep Optimization

This is most comprehensive and personalized approach to improving your sleep. Everyone's medical history and needs for a sleep program are a little different. This approach allows for an assessment of the specific variables that you need to focus.


  • Comprehensive Assessment Packet (Sleep Diary, Questionnaires, Medical History)

  • Virtual Coaching Session to Review Assessment and Specific Sleep Situation

  • Individualized Plan for Optimization

  • Accountability and Coaching Throughout Process

  • Sleep Handbook

  • Virtual Library with Everything You Need to Know About Sleep

  • Discounts on a Variety of Sleep Products

Education/Speaking Engagements

Spreading the Word of Healthy Sleep

One of the most important missions of the Online Sleep Coach is education. Sleep loss is a public health crisis and we can only change this through more people understanding the importance of sleep and how to improve it.

For this reason, I've dedicated much of my time

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Group Coaching

Community Working Towards the Same Goal

We know the benefit of community, camraderie and working towards a goal with other people in the same boat. The same applies to sleep coaching. I provide 4-6 week group coaching programs for clients all in a similar situation.

Some options:

  • Conquering Insomnia

  • Sleep for Health

  • Team Sports Performance

  • Corporate Wellness

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